Posted by: sunflowersandcedartrees | October 3, 2012

Life After BC – An Alumni Profile on John Rumpza

Eight days down and only one to go. John Rumpza walked into the Michigan church just in time for Mass, but a familiar face caught his eye. His friend Erin was there, she was supposed to be at that one college down south, but she must’ve come back for a visit. After Mass John and Erin got to talking, and pretty soon she was talking about that college again. On the last day of John’s novena on what school he ought to attend, God decided to send him a message. He had to cancel on the acceptance he’d received from the local college; he was going to Benedictine.

“Best four years of my life-without a doubt,” said John when asked about his time at BC. He talked about the spirit essence that empowers the Benedictine campus. “This college helps form you as a person, if you let it.” It certainly helped form John. It was a huge growing experience, one that taught him to get out and volunteer, leading him to discover that he has a passion for healing those that are hurting around him.

Though he arrived just in time to miss all the icebreakers of the first week, John got out there and succeeded in making friendships – some turning into bonds that have lasted years into the “real world”. A favorite memory from the old days though was a certain summer when everyone who’d staid over at the college went sliding down the campus hills on dry ice cubes.

John now works full time as a client service agent at eShipping, but his few free hours are spent fulfilling his great loves in life – Religion and Music. “When I can, I go to mass before work,” says John, who also drives back to Atchison every Sunday to sing in St. Benedict’s choir. He enjoys writing, performing and producing his own music and already has several CDs out. Current work includes writing track for a local grade school music group that plans to have it professional recorded.

When asked for what advice he’d like to give to those young people just starting off on the college experience, John replied with words that relate to anyone, at any point in their life: “Don’t let fear get in the way of doing what you want to do.”

Notes: The breathtaking pictures shown in this article were taken for John by Laura Wills Photography

This article done as a project for Professor Dennis Dunleavy’s New Media Class Fall 2012


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