Posted by: sunflowersandcedartrees | October 19, 2012

Binders of Comments – Social Media Explosion

It’s grows quickly into something more than just a couple words. A simple story of Mitt Romney’s efforts to employ more women turns, in a matter of seconds, into a phenomenon. In the past few days groups like “Binders Full of Women Against Romney” (708 members) and “Binders Full of Women” (8845 members) have exploded across the net. If people wanted places to discuss (read: rant) about politics they now have it.

The “Binders Full of Women” issue, is a perfect demonstration of the kind of connection and voice we now have thanks to social media. But are we using these powers responsibly? This voice we now have, in so many cases, has become nothing more than a tool with which to shout down anyone with a differing opinion.  Look at any of the flame boards where someone who’s Pro-Romney dares to come in and have a say. The next four comments will consist of them getting drowned out, sometimes even with foul language.

This is the sort of behavior you’ll see on the internet over almost any issue. The standard of a polite, considerate debate has gone out the door and we’re left with a bunch of angry, hoarse voters.

Will these sort of social media outbreaks effect voting? Hard to say. These spectators who make a spectacle out of themselves; they’ve already decided who they’re going to vote for.  Most of the people who are getting upset about “Binders full of women” were already upset with Romney’s stand in the first place. This is just something else to feed the flame-boards.  While it is possible that some on-the-fence voters may be swayed by all this heat, the explosions themselves are all done in such a ridiculous, dramatic way that only the ridiculous and dramatic people would base their valuable votes on all the buzz. It is the underlying issue, and the facts that are a part of it, that should determine who you believe should be our Next President.


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life in a small Kansas town

life in a small Kansas town


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life in a small Kansas town

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