Posted by: sunflowersandcedartrees | October 31, 2012

Media in the Middle of a Hurricane

Once upon a time, storms hit without warning, people reeled in shock and horror and no one in the next state over knew anything more than it was raining outside. Now, we see the storm coming a week before it hits. People prepare, get in touch, and hunker down for what’s coming. When the storm does burst, the web comes alive with hundreds of tweets every minute, news agencies turn on their already pointed cameras, and those waking up half way across the country, can, with a few clicks of the mouse, find out all they missed over night.

Hurricane Sandy has done a number on the eastern seaboard. CNN is currently reporting 2.8 million people are out of power, and all the #nolights hash tag posts on twitter give us a taste of exactly what this means. People drive to work in the middle of pitch black neighborhoods. Others have to put on rubber boots just to get through their house. Pictures pop up all over, some of them doctored, some of them heartbreaking, and some of them showing inspiring displays of strength. Twitter and facebook, for all their faults, have a way of helping even those 2000 miles away grip the edge of their seats and experience things along with those on the east coast. Social media closes the gaps of those miles more effectively than any road or airline.

To all those on the eastern coast, our hearts go out to you!


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life in a small Kansas town

life in a small Kansas town


life in a small Kansas town


life in a small Kansas town

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